LogoJEELS 2018 : 11es Journées d'EELS

  June 11th - 14th 2018, Porquerolles (France) 




JEELS 2018

JEELS 2018 will be held from Monday 11th to Thursday 14th of June 2018.

The conference will be held at the IGESA Centre, on Porquerolles island, Hyères, France. This is one of a three-island group directly to the South of Hyères, and South East of Marseille. The IGESA Centre is in the only village on Porquerolles Island, 5 min by foot from the port. The Island is part of a national park, which forms one of the last intact natural areas in the Mediterranean basin. It belongs to the armed forces of France as a recreation and meeting location.


This event is organized by the STEM group in the LPS laboratory, Orsay, France.

Key deadlines:

2018 : 1st announcement and registration opening

March, 15 : deadline abstract submission

April, 6th : oral contribution announcement

May, 4th : registration deadline

Organization committee:

Luiz Tizei
Laura Bocher
Marta de Frutos
Nathalie Brun
Mike Walls
Secretary :
Marie-France Mariotto
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